Special Rice Dish

The generic recipe name came from my kids, who loved this dish at least once a week. This quick and easy one-pot meal is versatile and crowd-pleasing, simple as can be, a god-send for leftover meat of any kind, and a “total vehicle” for a myriad of hot sauces. It can be dressed up with fresh sausage or fresh chicken breasts for guests, or dressed down with leftovers for home use. In all, it’s a proven winner!

Special Rice Dish

3 TBS olive oil
2TBS minced dried onions (or ½ fresh onion, minced)
2 TBS mixed Italian seasoning
½ TBS allspice
1 Knorr Chicken bouillon cube
Minced Garlic (amount to taste, optional)

Cover the bottom of a 2 quart pot with the above ingredients. On medium high heat, cook for a minute or two, being careful not to burn the dried onions.

Add to the pan and stir in to coat:

1 cup Uncle Ben’s converted rice
½ cup linguini, broken into 1 inch segments (optional)

After the rice mixture is coated, next add:

1 can Leseur baby peas
1 or 2 (3 oz.) jar pimentos or roasted red peppers (to taste)
1 lb., more or less, meat cut into bite-size pieces (chicken, turkey, steak, lamb, fresh or pre-cooked); or sausage (we like Aidell’s brand andouille or artichoke/garlic); or both.
2 cups water

Stir well to mix all ingredients. Turn heat to simmer and cover. Cook approx. 20 minutes or until all the water has been absorbed into the rice mixture. Stir again, and serve into bowls with assorted hot, hotter, and hottest sauces on the table: such as Pic-a-peppa, Tabasco (red & green), Patak’s Masala, Srirachi, Chololo, Padang’s Peanut Sauce, Scorned Woman Hot Sauce, etc.

Serves 4, generously.

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