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On Spain’s Costa Brava, passion and intrigue are everywhere—especially in the hearts of those who dwell there. As the dictator Franco teeters on the edge of overthrow, two couples are entwined. One is a husband and wife bored with the existence they have drifted into, the other a passionate, combative pair who relish every moment of life. Into this potent mix comes a young American seeking his missing lover—bringing a shadow of danger into the machinations already at work. Soon, loyalty will be tested and blood will be shed as the country of Spain prepares for revolution. And none of them—lovers, fighters, man or woman—will ever be the same.

In a very exciting move, New American Library has decided to republish my long out-of-print first novel, SUNBURN, as a mass market paperback in June of 2009. As many of you know, this book first came out (in 1982!) as a paperback original with a semi-pornographic cover. For a book that had won the San Francisco Foundation’s Joseph Henry Jackson Award for best unpublished novel by a California author, this was somewhat less than desirable—but it was my very first time in print, and that fact made up for a multitude of sins. Before this latest edition, though, only a very few readers could find copies of this book, which always sold for several hundred dollars per copy!! Crazy, but true. And to think that now it will be released in a large print run, with a terrific new cover, and be readily available to those who have waited so long for it is a great moment.

I’m still very proud of SUNBURN, but feel I should issue a caveat to my loyal readers that they should expect something different from my San Francisco books. SUNBURN is not in any sense a legal thriller, or even a crime book. I think it’s got a very good story (or rather, couple of stories), but it is a literary book that contains few if any of the elements that have made up the bulk of my work ever since—i.e. murders, trials, cops, and attorneys. Set in 1975 in Spain, it’s very much a Hemingway-esque coming-of-age First Novel. It does, however, feature at least some of my trademark interests—food, wine, and hopefully witty repartee. I hope it finds a large and enthusiastic audience…


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