From New York Times bestseller John Lescroart comes an explosive look at the seductive power of revenge and the terrible human costs of the pursuit of justice…

The Curtlees are a powerful force in San Francisco, unscrupulous billionaires who’ve lined every important pocket in the Bay Area in pursuit of their own ascent. So when the family’s heir, Ro Curtlee, was convicted of rape and murder a decade ago, the fallout for those who helped to bring him to justice was swift and uncompromising. The jury foreman was fired from his job and blacklisted in his industry. The lead prosecutor was pushed off the fast track, her dreams of becoming DA dashed. And head homicide detective Abe Glitsky was reassigned to the police department’s payroll office. Eventually, all three were able to rebuild their lives.

And then Ro Curtlee’s lawyers won him a retrial, and he was released from jail.

Within 24 hours, a fire destroys the home of the original trial’s star witness, her abused remains discovered in the ruins. When a second fire claims a participant in the case, Abe is convinced: Ro is out for revenge. But with no hard evidence and an on-the-take media eager to vilify anyone who challenges Ro, can Abe stop the violence before he finds himself in its crosshairs? How much more can he sacrifice to put Ro back behind bars?

Bestselling Author John Lescroart on DAMAGE


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Praise for DAMAGE

“Wow! I’ve enjoyed all of John Lescroart’s books, but this time he’s outdone himself.”

—Elaine Petrocelli, Book Passage, Corte Madera and San Francisco, California

“A poignant, fast-paced, and thoroughly enjoyable thriller that succeeds on all levels. Surely Lescroart’s best work to date.”

—Bobby Klein, The Book Revue, Huntington, New York

“Lescroart, always interested in pushing the envelope, gives us a thriller wrapped around a study on how to contain a beast inside the system.”

—Barbara Peters, The Poisoned Pen, Scottsdale, Arizona

“How do you hold the reader’s attention, and maintain the tension of complex story lines about the lives and professions of several characters in the midst of horrendous circumstances with intelligent conversation? Lescroart knows.”

—Ed Kaufman, M Is For Mystery, San Mateo, California

“White-knuckle suspense.”

—Otto Penzler, Mysterious Bookshop, Manhattan, New York

“A nuanced, intelligent narrative that delves into ethical issues and questions of values while the momentum of the mystery gathers relentlessly to a satisfying end. This is good stuff.”

—Vicki Pansich, Read Booksellers, Danville, California

Dutton Adult Hardcover, January 2011