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Friends, please enjoy this new review of my soon-to-be-published novel, POISON!

POISON By John Lescroart

The fan-favorite attorney, Dismas Hardy, is back again. And Lescroart, who was dubbed the “master of the legal thriller” has proven, yet again, that his attorney is one of the most riveting in the suspense world.

Money is the key and heirs are the suspects as Dismas finds himself in the middle of an investigation that has completely derailed his plans to ease into retirement and spend time with family that he hasn’t been able to see much over the past few years.

With his two gunshot wounds fading into the past, Dismas should have time now to take a breath and focus on the next aspect of his life. Unfortunately, for him, the world has other ideas. Grant Wagner is the victim this time around. Wagner is a success story when it comes to the business world, being the patriarch of a money-making family business. It’s only when he’s found dead that the secrets begin to rise to the surface about just how nice this family actually is.

The first suspect, however, is Wagner’s own bookkeeper Abby Jarvis. It seems that Abby was receiving large sums of money from the company: under-the-table, so to speak. But she’s passionate about the fact that she is not the killer.

Her innocence seems more than possible once Dismas begins to delve deeper into the investigation and spots all kinds of problems embedded in Grant Wagner’s family. Jealousy runs amok between the siblings, gold-diggers and blackmailers are running by their side, and even some pretty dark secrets are being buried so that no one knows the Wagner clan’s twisted ways. With Dismas edging closer to the truth, it’s easy to see why he feels as if his head is the next on the chopping block.

Lescroart never ceases to amaze his fans. The wit, the timing, the dialogue—everything combines to give this author yet another bestseller and provide readers with a fast-paced, memorable thriller.


Reviewed by Amy Lignor, author of “The Double-Edged Sword” published by Suspense Publishing, an imprint of Suspense Magazine

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I’m excited to announce that POISON, my next book and the 17th in the bestselling Dismas Hardy series, is now available for pre-order! This novel will be published on February 13, 2018. Pre-order now and get it as soon as it’s out!

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Dismas Hardy is looking forward to cutting back his work hours and easing into retirement after recovering from two gunshot wounds. He is determined to spend more time with his family and even reconnect with his distant son, Vincent. But Dismas just can’t stay away from the courtroom for long and soon he is pulled into an intense family drama with fatal consequences.

Grant Carver, the vigorous patriarch of the Carver family and its four-generations owned family business, has been murdered. His bookkeeper Abby Jarvis, whom Hardy had defended on a DUI charge eleven years prior, is the prime suspect after police discover she’s been embezzling funds from the company—but she insists she did not kill her boss.

As he prepares to defend her, Dismas investigates the Carver clan and discovers the dark, twisted secrets within the family. It seems that Abby was not the only one who stood to profit from the company’s $25 million dollar market value. From jealous children to gold-digging girlfriends, Dismas has his work cut out for him in sifting through mud flinging, backstabbing, and accusations of blackmail.

But Dismas not only has to save his client’s life but his own, as it soon becomes clear that someone has a painted a target on his back, too.


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