Thrill Seekers Podcast

I recently joined Alex Dolan on his talk show program Thrill Seekers Radio to discuss my music, THE FALL, and more.

You can listen to or download the whole podcast here!


Thrill Seekers scours the globe for the rarest and most exotic specimens of thriller authors. Some are popular varieties, while some authors are rarely spotted. The makers of this podcast douse ourselves in the pheromones of thriller writers and wait for hours, sometimes days in the wild to catch these spectacular creatures and bring them to you.

Hosted by Alex Dolan, it airs every other Tuesday as part of the Authors on the Air Global Radio Network.

Book Passage Mystery Writers Conference

I’m excited to announce that I will be attending the Book Passage Mystery Writers Conference in Corte Madera, California! Held at one of my favorite bookstores, the conference will provide a great opportunity for mystery writing fans and authors to gain some insight into the craft from their favorite writers and the many accomplished faculty members attending this year.

Book Passsage Mystery Writers Conferece

I hope you can attend. I will be speaking at the Event Room on the first day of the conference, Thursday, July 28th, from 5pm to 6pm.

As always, I’m looking forward to attending the conference and hope to see you there!

You can register online for the conference here.

For more information regarding the conference, please visit the Book Passage website.


Alamo Women’s Club Annual Authors’ Faire

I want to remind you all that the Alamo Women’s Club 2nd Annual Authors’ Faire is coming up on March 23! The deadline for reservations is March 14, so if you haven’t yet reserved your spot, either:

Authors Faire


Savannah Book Festival

I recently returned from my trip to Savannah, Georgia, where I was a speaker at the 2016 Savannah Book Festival! The Savannah Book Festival is one of the most magical events of its kind. The city of Savannah is just beautiful, with its public squares, horse-drawn carriages, Spanish moss hanging from old magnolias and oaks. And the food compares to the best anywhere — I particularly loved the shrimp & grits (not a common dish in California, but it should be) at The Public restaurant and the duck breast at Local 11ten.


You can read an article here from the Savannah Morning News profiling me for this event. (Some minor corrections: my last name is actually pronounced “less-kwah” (the opposite of more-kwah) and THE FALL came out in May of 2015.)


Alamo Women’s Club Authors’ Faire

The Alamo Women’s Club 2nd Annual Authors’ Faire is coming up, and I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be on the panel, moderated by Penny Warner (Death of a Chocolate Eater), alongside Cara Black (The Paris Key)Juliet Blackwell (Murder in Pigalle)MP (Martha) Cooley (Ice Shear and Flame Out), and Sheldon Siegel (Special Circumstances).

The Authors’ Faire will be on Wednesday, March 23, from 9 AM – Noon at the Roundhill Country Club at 3169 Roundhill Road, Alamo, California. The event includes valet parking and a full breakfast buffet.

Make your reservations by March 14! Reservations are $45, open seating. To reserve your spot, either:

I’m looking forward to this event, and hope that you can join me there on March 23!

Burns Supper

unnamedOn Saturday night, I attended the Robert Burns dinner (complete with haggis!) at the home of my friend, the Scottish novelist Catriona McPherson. Also in attendance were the Davis, California authors Spring Warren and Eileen Rendahl. Grateful for the hospitality, I delivered a “poem to the lassies”:

To The Lassies
(The Robert Burns Dinner, January 23, 2016)

In olden days we men would
Drink and share a bonny haggis,
With n’are a lassie at the board
To quibble or to rag us.
And all, it seemed, was quite the way
The Lord ordained our meetings
With nothing like a lassie round
To hamper the proceedings.

Now, aye, we live in dif’rent times
Equality’s what matters.
There’s lassies left and lassies right
To share the drink and platters.
And can the Lord approve of
How they’ve come to share our table
With dress n’ae kilt and charms s’ae gilt,
In every way so able.

Alack, I say, the lassies here
Now add to every gather,
And brighten conversation
When we men all fall to blather.
And so we bless the lassies now,
Their presence sought and cherished,
For without an equal share to them
Our dreams must surely perish.


For more on Robert Burns Night, including recipes, please view this recent story in The Daily Telegraph.