Battle of the Books 2015

I’m looking forward to participating in this Battle of the Books, a night of team trivia for book lovers to benefit the Hattie Weber Museum Renovation Project! To participate, get a team of 3-5 of your friends and/or fellow readers together and sign up here. Your team will be tasked with reading the 5 books in the Battle of the Books (including THE FALL – see the full reading list below), and on October 15th you’ll meet with and be quizzed by myself and other local authors on our latest books!


Visit the event website to check out the instructions for participation, sign your team up or find team members, and see more details about this exciting event. I hope to see you there!

THE FALL interview on Books & Co.

The “John Lescroart” episode of author interview series Books & Co., in which I talk about upcoming book THE FALL, will premiere tonight at 11:30 pm on Arizona PBS 8!

The video of the program will be available to watch online starting at midnight on July 3, just after the first broadcast. Check it out here!

Books & Co., an author interview series on Arizona PBS in Phoenix, Arizona, is an one-on-one conversation between the featured author and Alberto Rios, Arizona’s first poet laureate. The authors talk about their work as well as the craft of writing.  Previous featured authors include Annie Proulx, Billy Collins, Walter Mosley, David Baldacci, Yann Martel, Anne Brashares, Diana Gabaldon, Joyce Carol Oates, Kent Haruf, Sue Grafton, Sherman Alexie and many others.

And be sure to visit the episode page on the Books & Co. website to see bonus, web-only videos, along with a transcript of the interview, a bio sketch and a synopsis of THE FALL!


A new review of THE FALL from The Madderly Review


Lescroart reading The Fall

John Lescroart reading from THE FALL in Davis, California (thanks to Naomi Williams for the picture)

Thanks to Beverly Marshall for her thoughtful review of The Fall.

Reading the newspaper is getting more difficult every day.  The political and racial tension seems to be bringing the sixties back to our front doors.  There is no doubt that too many young black men are being killed by policeman who are too quick on the draw.  Too many parents are burying too many children, and too many young people are more afraid of the police then they are of the criminals.  On the other hand, too many police officers are being painted with the same brush of bigotry.  The vast majority of these men/women in blue are out there trying to protect and defend people of all races, and battling a bigotry that ends in injuries and sometimes death.  Last week a New York policeman was executed while sitting in his car.  A similar thing happened earlier this year.  Somehow, someway we need to stop looking at each other as enemies and start seeing each other as friends.

John Lescroart gives us his slant on some of this bigotry in his newest book, The Fall.  Greg Treadway, a young, white middle school teacher devotes much of his time to mentoring young people in trouble.  Tanya Morgan is the sister of one of the young men that Greg mentors, and even though he doesn’t mentor her, he serves as her sounding board when she needs an ear.  Her death stirs up emotions in a town where no one seems to face punishment when a black person is murdered, and suddenly Greg becomes a suspect.  Lescroart does a good job showing both sides of a situation that has became way too familiar in our current society.

Thanks to everyone who picks up a copy of my new book this week!

May 5th is Publication Day for THE FALL

The Fall


Thanks to all my friends and fans who purchase a copy of my new book The Fall, out now from Atria Books. With your help, I can return to the best-sellers’ lists!

A Lescroart Item Up for Auction — Benefitting the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society


I don’t mean to distract you from standing in line at your local bookstore in eager anticipation of the publication of THE FALL, but I thought you might want to consider playing a small part in one of my upcoming novels. Find details at



Have you imagined what it would be like to live in fictional immortality? With this item, that dream can become a reality.

Join the world of Dismas Hardy, Abe Glitsky, Wes Farrell and Wyatt Hunt as a character in 17-time New York Times bestselling author, John Lescroart​’s upcoming novel.

John Lescroart, a bay area resident, started writing in college, but it wasn’t until 14 years later when his wife, Lisa, urged him to submit SON OF HOLMES to several New York publishers that his popularity began to grow. A few years prior, knowing little about publishing, he had sent a transcript to an old high school English teacher who admittedly was not a fan. His wife however, after having read the transcript submitted it in John’s name to The Joseph Henry Jackson Award. SUNBURN went on to beat out 280 other entries. From this moment on, John’s outlook on writing changed and he began his life as an author. His books have been translated into 16 different languages in more than 75 countries.

With over 10 million copies sold, this opportunity of naming a character is an incredible experience!

The Top Five Places to Meet Your Untimely Demise in San Francisco

Coit Tower at Night

Perhaps this recent posting of mine on my favorite city is the oddest entry that Simon and Shuster has ever categorized  under the heading of “Personal Growth, Self Help.” I love the photographs, and I think you will, too.

Also, THE FALL comes out Tuesday. have you pre-ordered a copy?

The Top Five Places to Meet Your Untimely Demise in San Francisco